Smap Consulting helps organisations gain a better understanding of their environment which hopefully makes their business processes more effective. We see this as a continuous cycle where information is collected, assessed and then published so it can be applied in maps, graphs, tables and other IT systems such as asset or program management. Using this pblished information will often result in the identification of requirements for more data which continues the cycle.

All of our software is Open Source and can be downloaded from here. Smap Consulting offers consulting, training, custom development and IT support services to assist customers in using this software

Smap Assessment Cycle

Smap Assessment Cycle


Data can be collected as surveys using Android phones (fieldTask) or in web browsers (webForms). The surveys are created in editors and then uploaded to a Smap server. They can then be downloaded to a phone / tablet or opened as a web form in a modern web browser.


The collected data can be shown in graph, map or tabular form on the Smap Server. Data cleaning can also be done on the server.


Data can then be published to spreadsheets, Smap reports, Facebook as a map and to other systems such as Asset Management.


Tasks can be assigned to users to complete additional surveys.