1 Overview

The accountability product includes 2 forms the first of which is a feedback form that can be completed on a mobile phone or in a web browser. The second is an oversight form that can be attached to the feedback form and that can then be used to record actions taken in response to the feedback.

The process steps are

  1. A complaint is recorded using the feedback form
  2. The feedback is submitted to the server. This might be straight away if the form was completed online otherwise it can be done when a network is available
  3. If the feedback contains an image then this is passed to an AWS Rekognition service to identify objects in the image.
  4. The feedback is then manually reviewed, translated into a different language, the audio converted to text and notes added.

The feedback form is just a standard form that can be completed in the fieldTask application on a phone or tablet as well as in web-forms in a browser. If you were taking feedback in a call centre then you would presumably use web-forms. Alternatively if you were in a remote location without data connectivity then you would probably use fieldTask.

1.1 The feedback Form

The feedback form collects the following data:

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Gender
  4. A written description of the problem
  5. A photograph of the problemName
  6. An audio recording of the impact of the problem
  7. The GPS coordinates

You can add additional questions and remove questions to customise this form to suit your purposes.

1.2 The Oversight Form

The oversight form has the following data entry fields:

  1. Responsible person. A text field to enter who is responsible for processing the feedback.
  2. Priority. This has the same name as the priority question in the feedback form and hence it shows the same value. The priority can however be changed from the value initially set in the feedback form.
  3. Translation of Feedback. This is a text question that is linked to the feedback description set in the feedback form.
  4. Transcription of the issue statement. The manager can play the audio statement and type the text into the text field.
  5. Image labels. The labels shown were generated automatically by Amazon Rekognition. However they can then be manually modified by the user.
  6. Date of any action taken
  7. Description of action

2 Initial Setup

2.1 Create a Project

You will need to have the manage security group in order to use the oversight form. Also make sure you have the enum security group.

  1. Select the “Users” menu
  2. Select the user that you logged on as
  3. Give yourself the security group of “manage”

2.2 Add the forms

Feedback Form

  1. Select the menu “Forms” or if you can’t see that select “modules” and then “Admin”
  2. Click on “Upload Form”
  3. Click on “Choose File” and select feedback.xlsx
  4. Click upload

Oversight Form

This is not a data collection form and it is loaded from the oversight page

  1. Click on the “Oversight” menu
  2. Select the “Available Oversights” tab
  3. Click “Add”
  4. Select feedback oversight.xlsx and click “Upload”

Attach the oversight form to the feedback form

Continue on the oversight page

  1. Select the “Managed Forms” tab
  2. Click on the edit icon next to the feedback form
  3. Select the oversight form you just loaded and save

3 Trying it out

You can use fieldTask on an Android or a web browser (Chrome or Firefox preferred).

Complete the feedback form. Then log on to the server select the Web forms menu and then “Managed Forms”. You should see then data that you just entered. If you click on the row you will be able to update the managed data items.