Easy Form Creation

You can use Smap's drag and drop online editor to quickly and easily create forms. This is particularly useful when working with simpler forms. You can also use the xlsForm editor xlsForm to create more sophisticated forms. In fact you can move between them, starting with the online editor, finishing with the xlsForm editor and then making the final adjustments back in the online editor.

Geo-Spatial Support

All collected data is stored in a Postgis database as points, lines or polygons.

  • The data can be mapped as points or aggregated by regions
  • Hexagonal can be generated within the system to aggregate data
  • Export the data to a GIS system for more in depth analysis as shape or KML files

PDF reports

You can automatically create PDF reports from submitted data either using a custom template or guiding the creation of the PDF file with appearance settings in the form. The PDFs can include most question types including bar codes, images, signatures, maps etc.

Using Notifications the PDFs can be emailed as soon as they are created.

The link above will download a report that was generated by one of our clients after building inspection.

Android Application

We provide an Android app called fieldTask which along with basic data collection features also supports task and case management. FieldTask extensions not commonly found in data collection tools:

  • Task Management- Tasks can be assigned for users to complete in fieldTask
  • Add comments while completing a form
  • Simple automatic synchronisation of all forms and data

Web Forms

Forms can be completed online or offline in a web browser.

  • Complete forms on a laptop
  • Complete forms on an iPhone
  • Email a link to a web form that can be completed without requiring a logon
  • Quickly test the logic of a form during form creation

Task Management

Tasks can be allocated to users. These consist of a survey that must be completed at, optionally, a specific location and a specific time. These tasks can be down loaded by users to their phones where they will be shown as a list and on a map. Tasks can be created based on the results of previous surveys, that is follow ups, or can be created at arbitrary new locations designated by the administrator.

Easy updating of forms

You can update a form at any time by replacing it with another xlsForm or by editing it in the online editor.

  • Users who are online will be notified and the phones will automatically refresh
  • Data already collected is not affected
  • Questions can be added, deleted, have their constraints changed etc
  • The only restriction is on changing the type of an existing question, for example from text to integer

Data Cleansing

A data review screen allows an analyst to view unique responses to text questions and modify them. Where the text question is an "other" option for a "select multiple" or "select one" question then they can choose one of the options to replace the text. All changes are logged and can be undone.

A data collection eco-system!

Smap provides capabilities way beyond simple collection of data in a form. Multiple forms can contribute to a single dataset, the data from each form being seamlessly merged. Forms can also make use of previously collected data in both offline and online modes. By combining these and other features you can create flexible and powerful systems that allow information to be collected progressively and concurrently. As for example in the management of patient encounters at a Medical Clinic.


Smap provides a dashboard" where users can create maps, graphs, tables and media views. The intention is to assist in showing results as they are being collected and performing a preliminary assessment of the data. It is expected that the data would then be exported to a specialist analysis tool such as SPSS, STATA a GIS or even Excel. Graphs, maps and tables can show timeseries data as well as static views.


Reports can be created containing graphs, maps, tables or individual media items (photos, video or audio). These reports can be published by email, twitter, Facebook or embedded into a Wordpress blog. Normally access to data on the server requires a user id and password. However reports are protected by a GUID, that is a long random string of data. Once the recipient of a report receives this URL then they can view the contents without a password.


Data can be exported to:

  • Excel
  • CSV
  • Shape File
  • Stata
  • SPSS


Access to all data, with the exception of reports and media files requires a user id and password. Media files and attachments are secured using a random sequence of characters in their URL. Only port 443 needs to be open on the server all other ports should be blocked. Users are assigned roles that restrict the functions they can access. They are also assigned to projects which restrict the survey data they can view. All transmission of data from phones is encrypted.

Low Cost

A hosted Smap server is available for free use by Not for Profits. Simply register at https://sg.smap.com.au and start creating your forms and collecting your data.

For commercial organisations we charge:

  • 1 US Cent per submission. First 100 free per month;
  • 25 US cents per GB of disk usage per month. First 20 GB free.

Automatic Phone Refresh

When there is a change to a survey, or the data that a survey references, then these changes can be pushed automatically down to all the affected phones.

Changes automatically refreshed include:

  • New survey added to a project
  • Survey Edited
  • Survey Blocked
  • Update to a dependent survey. For example if a survey gets reference data from the results of another survey then updates to those results will result in the phone being refreshed