Archiving of Survey DataΒΆ

If your survey is used to manage day to day operations then you may want to remove old data, for example the data from the previous year. This will help performance if the datasets are large and also allows people to focus only on current data.

  1. In the Analysis module create a table view of your data
  2. Select the "aside" button < to open the side panel
  3. Click on the Archive button

A dialog will be shown that allows you to enter the date up to which you want to archive data. All data submitted up to and including this date will be archived into a new survey and removed from the survey you are archiving.

The new survey will have the same name as the source survey with the addition of the archive date enclosed in square brackets. The archive survey will be blocked by default so you can leave it where it is, or copy it into a different project or delete it.