Grouping surveys into bundles

Multiple surveys can act on a single set of data tables. These tables can contain the details of cases. Hence a case can be created using one survey in a bundle and then updated using a second survey in the same bundle. Commonly a task will be created to get a user to perform the update. The task can inlude data from the first survey where the question names are the same.

A survey can be added to a bundle when it is created using either the spreadsheet editor or the online editor.

Spreadsheet Editor

Dialog to upload a new survey showing bundle option

Adding a new spreadsheet survey to a bundle

In the above example the new survey called "Evaluation Survey" is being added into the bundle identified by the existing survey "Feedback" in the "Case Management" project.

Online Editor

Dialog to create a new survey showing bundle option

Creating a new survey using the online editor and adding it to a bundle

In the above example the user has selected the option to base the new survey on an existing one. This means that the two surveys will start out being identical. The user then selected the option to "store results in a shared table" which creates the bundle. Once the new "Evaluation Survey" is created questions can be deleted and/or added.