Survey Settings

The following settings can be specified in the settings worksheet of the XLS editor. When using the online editor they are specified in either the Settings Dialog or Keys Dialog as shown below.

Setting Name Description Location in Online Editor
default_language The language that will be shown by default when the survey is opened Setting Dialog
instance_name A name created for each survey instance. The name can include references to other questions such as "concat('my_survey_', ${hh_head})" which would combine the answer to the hh_head question with the text 'my_survey_' to create the instance name. The generated value is also used as the name of the instance that is shown on the tablet's main screen. Note you must use concat() or join() in order to combine text into an instance name. Setting Dialog
style Set to theme-grid, pages or leave blank. Style only affects the appearance of the survey in WebForms. theme-grid will lay the questions out in a grid format. pages will show each group of questions on a new page and add next/back buttons to the page. Settings Dialog
key Combination of questions and text that forms a unique key. Use this to manage records so that if a second survey is completed that has the same key value then the current record can be updated rather than a new record being added. A key might look like "key-${country}-${id}". Note that unlike instance name the key does not use concat() and join() to combine individual units of text. Key Dialog
key_policy set to append, merge or replace. append is the default: new records with the same key will just be added. Replace will cause the new record to replace the old one and merge will merge the new record with the old record. When using merge any unanswered questions in the new record will be given the value from the old record. Key Dialog
search_local_data Set to yes or no. When set to yes local unsent data on a device will be included when using pulldata or search to lookup data in another survey Settings Dialog
allow_import Set to yes or no. When set to yes you can import data into the survey from an XLS spreadsheet. Settings Dialog
hide_on_device When set to "yes" the survey will be downloaded to the mobile device but it will not show as a survey that can be opened. This is useful if you only want the mobile device user to complete tasks with that survey or if the survey is launched from another form. Settings Dialog
timing_data Set to yes or no. When set to yes audit data recording the time spent in each question will be recorded. Settings Dialog
audit_location_data Set to yes or no. When set to yes the location that each question is answered will be recorded. Note this setting requires timing_data to also be set to yes. Settings Dialog
track_changes Set to yes or no. When set to yes every change made to a question during completion of a survey will be recorded. Settings Dialog
data_survey Set to yes or no. When set to yes the survey can be used to collect data. The default is yes. Settings Dialog
oversight_survey Set to yes or no. When set to yes the survey can be used to update results in the console. The default is yes. Settings Dialog
compress_pdf Set to yes or no. When set to yes, PDFs generated from records submitted with this survey will have their images compressed(Smap Version 21.12+) Settings Dialog