Survey Parameters

Parameters are specified in the parameters column of the spreadsheet survey template. They are separated by semi colons and always have an equals sign between there name and their value. For example:

Parameter Example Comments
auto auto=yes

Use to automatically launch the following questions:

  • barcode
  • nfc
  • external app
  • external app with multiple fields
  • a subform
  • geopoint
  • video (appearance must include new)
  • audio (appearance must include new)
  • image (appearance must include new)
auto_annotate auto_annotate=yes Use on text questions that also have the source parameter to automatically populate with the translation of another question or transcription of an audio or video question
chart_type chart_type=horizontal_bar Use with question types of chart. Currently there is only one chart type supported which is "horizontal_bar". If you don't specify any value then a line chart will be shown.
end end=5 Use with range questions to set the end point of a range. (start and step parameters must also be included)
from_lang from_lang=es The language to translate from or transcribe from audio. Supported Languages for Translation. For transcription there are a different set of the language codes that also include the dialect. Styling the output
form_identifier form_identifier=s12_234

Use on Parent Form and Child Form types.

The identifier of a form to be launched

instance_count instance_count=1 Use when restricting the number of instance records in a task to return, Can set to zero to prevent existing data being added to a form when used as a task
instance_order instance_order=forward

Use when getting instance data for a task. Set to "forward" to get records in the order they were submitted.

Set to "reverse" get records latest first

key_policy key_policy=append key_policy=merge key_policy=replace

Use on begin repeats when the form is filled in as a task and the overall survey key_policy is "merge."

If the policy is "merge" then the contents of the repeating group will be merged with existing repeat records. This can be useful if you have a follow up form that extends a previous repeating group.

If the policy is "replace" then the contents of the repeating group will be replaced by the records in the new survey.

If the policy is "append" then all the records in the new survey will be appended to the records in the old survey. This is the default.



in this example "id" is the name of a question

Use on Parent Form and Child Form types.

The question where the key that is generated by the launched form is stored. This is optional. An example of its use is when you are completing a consultation with a patient and then realize you need to launch a form to create the new patient. This patient id will need to be stored with the consultation details.

max-pixels max-pixels=500 Use with image questions to reduce the size of an image before it is sent to the server. The number is used to set the length in pixels of the long edge of the photograph.
medical medical=yes When set on a text question, that has as its source an audio question, then the medical version of transcribe will be used so that medical terms are more likely to be identified.
med_type med_type=dictation Used when automatically transcribing medical audio files. Can be set to conversation or dictation. This gives the transcriber a clue as to the number of voices in the audio.
normalized normalized=yes Use with stacked horizontal bar charts to set all bars to the same length
randomize randomize=yes Use with select and rank questions to randomize the order of choices.

ref="reference form" The reference form is the name of a "begin repeat" inside the same survey

For example: ref=consultation_rpt

Use with repeating groups to indicate that existing records are added read only for reference.

You should set the repeat count value to 0 for these repeating groups so that the device does not suggest new records are added.

For an example of the use of this parameter look at the consulting form in the medical product.

rows rows=10 Will set the number of rows to be used for the answer in a text question.
source source=audio_q Specifies another question that will be used as the source data. This is used on the server for translations and transcriptions.
stacked stacked=yes Use with horizontal bars to stack the data
start start=1

Use with range questions to set the starting point of a range. (end and step parameters must also be included)

If you specify a decimal number then the answer will be recorded as decimal

step step=0.5 Use with range questions to set the step increment of a range. (start and end parameters must also be included)
to_lang to_lang=th The language to translate to. Supported Languages for Translation.