This page contains pre-configured forms and instructions on how to use them to in order to solve real world problems.

Anyone is free to download the products and use them or try them out on the free public server Simply register for an account and then follow the instructions included with the product.

For production usage, not for profit's are welcome to continue to use that server at no cost. However for most corporate and government organisations we would ask that you contact Smap Consulting for a quotation

Medical Clinics Patient Management

Smap has powerful features for linking data between forms. These include referencing results from other surveys, updating records instead of merely always appending, creating tasks using already collected data to pre-fill a form and then assigning it for completion to an individual.

All these features and a few more have been brought together in our Medical Clinics product


Accountability / Feedback

This product uses a standard data collection form and oversight forms to support organisations that want to collect feedback or complaints and then respond to it.