Mobile Administration

Shared Devices

Commonly an evaluation will take place with Android devices that belong to the surveying organisation. They will be taken out of a cupboard and distributed to enumerators during the enumerator training. This situation is the subject of this page of the documentation.

Tracking who has a device

It is good practice to to record who has received which device so that lost or damaged devices can be accounted for. It is also useful to know which device submitted a completed survey. This is particularly true if you are not giving enumerators individual logons and hence the only way to identify the enumerator is by the device that has been given to them.

For example you may use a spreadsheet like the following:

Device Tracking
number device identifier enumerator name date
1 FieldTask:V1025HI67UikxlcB Sally 2021-03-16

The first column number can contain a simple unique identifer that you write on a sticker on the back of the device. Possibly also with the name of the organisaiton that the device belongs to.

The second column device identifer contains the globally unique identifer that is sent to the server with each record submitted. You can get this identifier by:

  1. Ensuring that the "Enable user and identify menu" option in Mobile App Options is checked. If it wasn't set then set it and press refresh in FieldTask
  2. In FieldTask select menu then General Settings then User and device identity then Form metadata
  3. The device identifier will be shown on the screen