Survey Isolation

Surveys are placed inside an Organisational Hierarchy. Firstly inside projects, projects inside organisations and organisations inside enterprises. Access to each of these can be managed by assigning users access.


Users can be assigned one or more Security Groups such as "Administrator" or "Analyst". These groups determine the functionality that the user can access.

Role Based Access Control

Role Based Access Control can be used to provide fine grained control over access.

Password Strength

This feature is available with version 22.04 of the server.

A minimum password strength can be set for user passwords. When a user changes their password they will be required to set a new password that is at least as strong as the minimum.

The minimum strength can be set for the Server and/or the organisation Settings. The maximum of the two values set will be used.

The strength of a password reflects its randomness and avoidance of common words used by password breakers. The following table shows sample password values and their strength;

Password Strengths
password strength comment
password 1 very weak
Passw0rd 10 very weak
b0Gota987 23 reasonable
q2@dFgVPx 51 strong
q2@dFgVPxFvv%67d 77 very strong


All of the above example passwords have been blocked from use if password strength is set above 0

Sanitisation of Webform HTML

User provided content, such as labels for questions, are sanitised using the OWASP java HTML sanitiser. This removes all executable code from the content and also any HTML elements that are not white listed as permitted for use. This approach protects webforms from being used for cross site scripting attacks while still permitting formatting with headers, bold text etc.

Validation of Names

Names, such as user name or project name, are validated on entry to prevent use of HTML or other unsafe values. They are also escaped before being shown in a web page.

Logging of changes to data

All changes to collect data are logged. The data cleansing tool, which allows for mass changes to text answers, also allows for those changes to be reversed automatically.