Administration Reports

There are a number of handy reports that can help you understand what is happening on your server.

Form Access Report

This shows who has access to a survey and what level of access they have. If they can't access a survey it shows the reason:

Access from the Form Management Page
Select "Form Access Report"
Select the form that you want

Usage Report

This report shows the number of surveys completed by each user for a month and for all time. Optionally this can be broken down by project, Survey or Device:

Access from the Form Management Page
Select "Usage Report"
Select the month
Optionally select a detailed breakdown
Optionally include temporary users such as for anonymous logons and email tasks

Attendance Report

This report show the first time during the day that an enumerator refreshed the phone and the last time as well as the duration of time between these two events and the number of completed surveys. This could be considered an indicator of attendance if the enumerators are expected to press refresh at the start of work and then refresh to submit data at the end of the days work.

Notification Report

This report show all the notifications that have currently been set up to respond to submitted data:

Access from the Form Management Page
Select the "Notification Report"

Resource Utilisation Report

Shows the resources in shared resources including CSV files, images, video and audio. Shows the surveys that are using these resources:

Access from the Form Management Page
Select the "Resource Utilisation Report"

Summary of events by hour

Shows a count of events recorded in the log for each hour of the selected day

Access from the Log Management Page Select the "Hourly Summary" report